I design and build handcrafted websites for
businesses, marketers, and publishers.

Your website should be tailored to your brand
and shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg

Figuring out how or where to get a new website built can be a challenge. Your options range from $0 to a million, and it’s unclear how you get exactly what you want.

You could go with the likes of Squarespace or Wix or an off-the-shelf WordPress theme, but these services are the shitty IKEA furniture of the internet. They’re that bookcase that looked great in the catalog, but once you got it into your apartment, spent three-hours attempting to assemble it, and saw it next to all of your other furniture, its reality didn’t match your vision.

You could go to a design agency that impresses with its high profile work for Amazon or Microsoft. You’ll be paying Amazon or Microsoft rates, so get used to being treated like a mid-level corporate manager whose emails don’t warrant a human reply. After all of the phases and meetings, you’ll have to wonder if it was really worth it.

Or you could work with an independent digital craftsman like me. I offer honest and expert work for a flat, fair price. I’ll help you understand the process of building a website, collaborate with you on creating something that’s just right for your brand, and empower you to update and edit your site for years to come.

Simple pricing for craftsman work


  • Up to 5 pages or templates
  • 6-8 week project timeline
  • Great for blogs and simple sites



  • Up to 10 pages or templates
  • 8-10 week project timeline
  • Great for basic company sites



  • 11+ or more pages or templates
  • 12+ week project timeline
  • Great for magazines and complex sites

$15,000 +