Content Design

The challenge of a web project must begin with content:

  • What are you trying to communicate?
  • Who is the user and what are they looking for?
  • How do you organize and prioritize what you are trying to express?
  • How do you make it as easy to find what you are looking for?

Most design shops are staffed by graphic designers, foremost concerned with how things look. Smart branding and pleasing aesthetics are crucial, but your message is essential.

My work focuses on prioritizing what you say, not just how you say it.

I work with small companies to hone their website’s focus. I work with marketing groups to provide creative and flexible tools. I work with publishers to give them editorial freedom.

WordPress Development

In a lot of people’s minds WordPress is a blogging platform that uses stock themes for $25. This is true in a narrow sense, but misses the forest for the trees. WordPress is also a platform to build anything and everything you want on the web.

I build all of my projects with WordPress because it is the best tool for the job.

I also use WordPress because it is flexible and powerful enough to allow me to create the best possible dashboard experience for writers, marketers, and business owners. Not only do I code custom themes that your users will experience, I craft one-of-a-kind editing screens for every project and every client.

With WordPress I can create the best tool for the job for you.

About me

I live in Seattle with my wife and young daughter. In my non-professional life I coach ultimate frisbee: Seattle Riot, Team USA, and the Lakeside School.

Get in touch

If you’re interested in working together on a brand new website, a redesign, or a campaign — email me.